Jimbo's Quest

We are very excited to announce the release of our new game Jimbo's Quest for BlackBerry.

New for Version 4.0 - 5 more levels!
Available at $0.99 for a limited time

Get Jimbo's Quest at BlackBerry App World

Jimbo has woken up in the castle of the evil Dr Cranium and must escape! There are 15 rooms in the castle each containing a puzzle which will unlock the door to the next room

The puzzles get harder and harder as Jimbo progresses through the castle

NEW FOR 2013 - More levels as promised!

NEW FOR 2012 - BBM High Score board - send your highest score to your BBM friends and they will see your high score on their BBM high score board!

Dr Cranium is sending his ghosts to get you! Using your BlackBerry trackpad, keyboard, or touch screen, click the arrows on the chute to change their direction - when a ghost approaches an arrow it will change direction - make sure the ghosts get eaten by the correct coloured monsters!

Endless fun is yours with FOUR difficulty levels available - once you've mastered the easy, medium, and hard modes, try the INSANE mode if you dare!

Jimbo's Quest on a BlackBerry Torch

Get stuck on a level? No problems - start your next game from that level via the level selection screen

Now with BBM integration! If you have a BlackBerry with the latest version of BBM, you can post your high scores to your BBM profile and also invite your friends to download Jimbo's Quest via BBM so that you can easily challenge each other!

Jimbo's Quest keeps a record of your high scores so you can pass your BlackBerry around the whole family and try to keep the top spot

Once you've proven you're the best of the bunch in your family, be the envy of your friends by posting your high score to Facebook - then invite them to challenge you!

Dr Cranium's castle is a spooky place... with graphics, music, and sound effects to add to the atmosphere, will you be brave enough to help Jimbo escape?

Jimbo's Quest is available on BlackBerry App World now - try it out!

Get Jimbo's Quest at BlackBerry App World